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SGS Music Revealed

Music and Meditation

Mind is the wave emerging from the subtle transformation of bio-magnetism in living beings. This wave as any other wave in the nature is characterized by a frequency. There has been plenty of research which has shown that human mental frequency works from 14 to 40 Hz. These waves have been commonly identified in 4 different ranges namely: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta waves.

Beta waves (ranging from 13-30 Hz) are most typically associated with normal waking states in which we are focused on external stimuli. Beta is born out of our basic survival orientation and is most present when we are sorting out and making sense of the external world. Beta affords the quickest response and allows us to attend to the largest number of things. Beta is increased in moments of stress or anxiety, enabling us to manage situations and solve immediate problems.

Alpha waves (ranging from 8-13 Hz) indicate an alert state with quiet mind. In this state, attention may be focused outward for problem solving or inward to achieve an alert meditative state. Increase alpha is often present in people who practice meditation or yoga.

Theta waves (ranging from 3.5-8Hz) reflect a mind state that is attuned to visualization, imagery and creative inspiration. These are produced during deep meditation. This is experienced during the dream state of our sleep. Delta waves (ranging from 0.5-3.5 Hz) are associated with the deepest levels of physical relaxation. The slowest of the brainwave frequencies, Delta is the rhythm of dreamless sleep. Delta waves are associated with physical rejuvenation and healing.

Art of Meditation is age-old and in general focused towards voluntary reduction of mental frequency and to reach subtler realms of consciousness. At this state of mind the whole gross as well as subtle planes of human body is rejuvenated. Sound on the other hand is also a vibrating wave characterized by different frequencies or what we commonly know it as pitch. There is a clear relationship between sound and mind, both being waves. Sound waves can affect human mind either to increase its frequency or reduce its frequency, thus music characterized by the art to reduce mind frequency helps to gain deep meditative states.

Sri Swamiji’s music, originated from the ancient tradition of Raga Ragini system, is aimed at shifting the level of consciousness of the listeners to subtler mind frequencies thus helping them experience inner peace, harmony and quietness of mind.

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